Checklist of Red Sea fish species


This material provide you with a checklist that you can print and bring along on your snorkeling trip.

English - Scientific names

The same fish species may have different common names in different regions of the world. They may originate from translation of local names or other random origin. Thus, if you wish to learn more of a species, the best reference is always the scientific name, as all species only have one approved name.

English - English - English

You may learn different English common names for some of the species, so here you find up to two alternative names for each species. Perhaps you know the very peculiar wrasse that sometimes is called Green birdmouth wrasse - somtimes Indian Bird wrasse - while others know it as Red Sea Bird Wrasse? - But we talk about the exact same species...

Perhaps you know the Napoleon wrasse - or the Humphead wrasse? Both names also refer to the same species...

The English names that you find in the checklist, are based on the common names as they appear in (Froese, R. and D. Pauly. Editors. 2023. FishBase., version (10/2023).

There is no right or wrong common name for a fish species, and you are likely to have your local diving or snorkeling guide name the fish differently. The lists include English names that are commonly used in the Red Sea area based on other reference literature, such as 1) Lieske and Myers (2004) or 2) Ryanskiy (2022).

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Checklist of Red Sea fish species

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